How to earn your $3.5M income from a $5K internship

With the economy in a tizzy, it’s time to get your foot in the door and start making a killing.

We’re going to take you through a list of the best jobs for internships in the Bay Area.


Tech Analyst 1.3M tech jobs open on average every three months in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


IT Analyst 1 million jobs in the tech industry open on an average every six months.


Software Engineer 1 million tech jobs in San Francisco open on a monthly basis.


Web Developer 1 million+ jobs in SF are open on any given day.


Software Developer 1.4M tech and programming jobs in Oakland are open 24/7.


Web Designer 1.6M jobs in NYC are open every day.


Web Developers 1.7M tech-focused jobs are available in SF. 8.

Content Writer 1.8M jobs are open all day.9.

Web and Mobile Designer 1M jobs were added to the list.10.

Content Marketing Manager 1M tech, digital, and content jobs are accessible to anyone.


Copywriter 1M+ tech, content, and marketing jobs are out there.


Copyeditor 1M-1.5 million tech, social media, and tech-related jobs are in the pipeline.


Web Development Engineer 1M in San Jose is currently recruiting.


Web Systems Engineer 1.5 to 1.9M tech or social media-related tech jobs are also available in San Diego.


Web Design Engineer 1-2.5m tech and content-focused tech jobs across the country are available.


Web Sales Analyst 1-1M tech are also out there, but they’re not as plentiful as in San Mateo.


Mobile Developer 1M to 1M are available to the average Joe.


Mobile Web Developer 5M to 10M are also in the works.


Mobile User Experience Designer 1-3M are out and available to any aspiring app developer.


Mobile Design Engineer 2-3m are also open to all app developers, though they may not be the most experienced or qualified.


Mobile Sales Engineer 2M to 3M are now available to anyone looking to jump in and start a new career.


Web Content Writer 2M+ are now open to anyone in the industry looking to earn a living in the digital media.


Web Engineer 1 to 2M are the most competitive.


Web Site Developer 2-4M are open to developers and designers in every industry.


Web Marketing Consultant 1-4 million are available at any given time.


Web Analytics Consultant 2-5 million are open at any time.


Web Operations Consultant 3-6 million are also ready to go. 28.

Web Security Consultant 5-6.5 m are available on a daily basis.29.

Mobile Product Owner 1-7 million are now out there and available.30.

Mobile Marketing Consultancy 5-7.5 are also opening up.31.

Mobile Content Manager 3-7 m are currently available.32.

Mobile Site Manager 5-8 million are out in the wild.33.

Mobile Analytics Consultancy 8-9 million are still available.34.

Mobile SEO Consultant 10-15 m are now in the field.


Mobile Digital Marketing Consultants 5-10 million are ready to jump into the digital marketing field.36.

Mobile Advertising Consultant 20-25 million are currently on the horizon.


Mobile Media Marketing Consultators 15-20 million are working in the media field.