‘We’re not doing anything’ – The big three carmakers are taking on the Government on the car industry

The big six carmakers have already made big bets in the $40 billion automotive industry and now they’re getting in on the act.

Car companies, including Toyota and Nissan, are launching a joint venture to build the first-ever electric vehicle in 2019.

Toyota and Nissan are also putting their combined investments in the electric car industry in jeopardy as they face a massive public relations backlash for the electric vehicle announcement in February.

But despite all that, the big six have already started taking action.

“We’re going to continue to invest in the EV market and we’re going do what we can to ensure that electric vehicles become the dominant technology for vehicles and trucks in the coming decades,” said Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn.

Ford, which has a huge investment portfolio in electric vehicles, has already said it would invest $20 billion in electric vehicle projects in 2021.

A group of major car companies, led by BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are also planning to launch electric vehicle research and development in 2020.

The US-based car companies are also building alliances with tech giants like Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

In the coming months, these alliances will help the automakers develop their own electric vehicle software, so it is not too late to launch an electric car.

At the moment, the major carmakers haven’t announced any plans to enter the electric auto industry.

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However, it is still unclear whether the major players are willing to invest the big sums required to make an electric vehicle a reality.

Some big carmakers, including Ford, have already said they would invest in electric technology in 2020, but the big three are now in talks about launching a new joint venture.

With $10 billion invested so far, Tesla is already the leader in the market.

Tesla has said it will enter the auto industry with an electric cars and trucks product in 2021, but it is too early to say if it will do so with a single carmaker.

GM has also said it wants to be the first carmaker to market an electric SUV in 2021 but has yet to announce any plans.

Daimler and Nissan have said they are considering launching an electric truck in 2020 but have yet to say whether they will launch one.

Apple is also in talks with major car manufacturers to develop an electric electric car, but Apple has yet of to announce its plans.

In 2020, the US-led International Energy Agency is expected to announce a new set of goals for electric vehicles and batteries.

That is expected later this year.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is also making big investments in batteries, electric vehicles or solar energy.