Five years on, economic summit’s economic agenda still unfinished

Five years ago, Donald Trump took office, and his presidency came to be known as “the economy summit.”

Its the summits annual tradition to highlight the economic challenges facing the U.S. and its global partners.

And, with a new president in office and the economy summit still underway, it’s important to look back at what’s still needed to improve the economy and the lives of Americans.

So let’s look at some of the things that still need to happen.1.

End the $2 trillion cap on U.s. trade deficitThe economic summit has a number of big priorities for a Trump administration.

We’re hoping to see a reversal of President Trump’s disastrous trade agenda, and to continue to make trade more fair and inclusive.

But in the meantime, Trump’s administration should also look to end the $700 billion in tax breaks that Trump promised to end in 2018.

As he promised, Trump has cut off all federal subsidies to automakers, and he has promised to make all U..s.-based manufacturing in the United States more competitive.

But we’re still waiting on details on how Trump will fulfill his promise to cut off subsidies for automakers and cut back on subsidies to other industries.

Trump also promised to stop the subsidies that were put in place by former President Obama, and now it appears that the President will be more than willing to continue this costly giveaway to the automakers and other companies that benefited from the subsidies.

We need to see the end of the subsidies as well, and the end to the subsidies to auto companies.2.

End corporate welfare.

A Trump administration should prioritize protecting workers’ rights and fighting to protect the middle class.

As Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn has argued, the Trump administration will end corporate welfare for corporations, including subsidies to the private sector, and it will work to bring back the manufacturing jobs that have been lost to outsourcing.

This should be an important priority of the Trump team.

The president has promised that he will eliminate corporate welfare, and we hope that he delivers on this promise.

We should also take steps to reverse the massive tax breaks given to the wealthy.

In fact, a recent study by the Center for American Progress found that the wealthy have gotten a lot more out of tax breaks under Trump than they did under Obama.

The wealthy received nearly 40 percent more in tax subsidies under Trump, compared to Obama, while the middle and working class got the least.3.

Reestablish a carbon tax.

We know that the U,S.

has a $1 trillion-plus carbon tax on imports and exports, and that this will have an enormous impact on the U’s climate and economy.

But the administration must stop this unnecessary, regressive and regressive carbon tax that is a tax on American consumers and small businesses.

This tax is a relic of the George W. Bush era and is one of the worst regressive taxes in the world.

We must repeal it immediately.4.

End “tax breaks for corporations.”

The U. S. is one the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases.

As a result, climate change is already becoming a crisis.

It is also costing Americans millions of jobs.

Trump should eliminate the subsidies for companies like Carrier, which recently announced that it will move jobs to Mexico.

Trump’s decision to cancel these subsidies will be devastating to the United Auto Workers and the UAW, which are the largest unionized workers in the U-S.

This will be especially devastating to small businesses, because the companies that are taking advantage of these subsidies pay no federal taxes and therefore do not pay payroll taxes on their workers.

This is an economic catastrophe that has been ignored by the Trump Administration.5.

Repeal all the special tax breaks for oil companies.

A $2 billion cap on tax breaks handed out by President Trump and a $5 billion cap to oil and gas companies were both major failures.

The Trump Administration has taken $100 billion out of the oil and natural gas industry, and President Trump has promised not to allow these tax breaks to continue.

These tax breaks were designed to encourage the development of new oil and energy projects.

They were also a major part of President Obama’s failed “pivot to Asia,” which was a massive effort to lure China into the global economy.

As president, Trump should end all these tax cuts and make sure that oil and other fossil fuels are taxed as if they are natural resources.6.

Stop the trade and investment agreements.

The United States has long been a leader in international trade and has become one of America’s largest trading partners.

We’ve also built the world-class economic model for our global economy, which we’ve also put in jeopardy by President Obama.

But with Trump in the White House, we need to reverse course and start over.

Trump has threatened to end all U,s.

Trade Deals, which include the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and his administration