Which is better, the economic summit or the Presidential debate?

The Economic and Business Summit and Presidential debate are a must-watch. 

The economic summit is the perfect way to kick off the fiscal cliff and begin to hammer out the details of a deal. 

And the Presidential debates is a perfect opportunity to hammer them out with each candidate’s campaign team. 

In the end, they’ll come to the same conclusion: The economy is stronger now than it was before the crisis. 

This is the right time to enact a fiscal package to reduce the debt and deficit. 

There are a lot of reasons to support a balanced budget. 

First, we have a massive deficit.

The deficit has been $4 trillion since 2001.

Second, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates from 4.25% to 4.5%.

Third, the debt is on the rise.

And fourth, we need to create jobs. 

These are just a few of the reasons why I support a fiscal plan that takes the deficit off the table. 

Second, a balanced plan will create jobs, which is a crucial component to economic growth. 

It’s important that we increase jobs and increase economic growth in order to create a sustainable, prosperous economy. 

Third, we should take steps to ensure that our investments are making the most economic sense for our country. 

Fourth, we shouldn’t rely on the government to create more jobs and less economic growth than we need. 

Fifth, the American people deserve a fair share of the economic pie, even if they don’t agree on all of these points. 

Sixth, we’ve seen too many Americans losing their jobs and businesses, and we can’t afford that to happen again. 

Seventh, we can make good on President Obama’s promise to help create 1 million new jobs by the end of his second term. 

Eightth, if we are to make real progress on our shared goals of reducing poverty, raising wages and protecting our environment, we must get tough on Wall Street. 

We need to make it easier for working families to find and keep good-paying jobs.

Ninth, we are on track to achieve our 2020 goal of cutting the federal deficit by a little over $500 billion by the year 2021. 

Tenth, we still have work to do to create new good-paid jobs and more stable jobs for our economy. 

 Finally, we all need to act in a bipartisan manner to avoid another recession, and to make sure our economy can continue to grow without excessive borrowing and spending. 

I look forward to continuing to work with both parties to put forward a plan that delivers the best possible results for the American People and our economy, as well as the future of the United States. 

Let’s get to work, President Obama!