Packers’ Aaron Rodgers hopes to get paid for his Super Bowl performance

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he plans to continue to perform well despite the harsh cold weather that has blanketed much of northern and central Wisconsin and the state’s northern and eastern regions.

The weather forecast Monday night gave only mild temperatures in southern parts of the state, and that meant Rodgers had little time to prepare for the trip to the Wisconsin Economic and Business Summit in Ottawa.

He said he will not be able to go to a game, but said the game is not a problem.

“I have no issues with it,” Rodgers said.

I’m excited about that. “

And I’m going to keep working, keep playing and keep making plays.

I think it’s going the right way, and hopefully we can make a little bit of a difference.””

It’s going to be fun.

I think it’s going the right way, and hopefully we can make a little bit of a difference.”

Hopefully we can get some good things out of it.

Hopefully, we can keep working and continue to get better.

“The Packers will play their first regular-season game against the Chicago Bears on Monday night.

Rodgers said that would be his third time facing the Bears since being drafted in the first round in the 2011 NFL Draft.

He said that the cold weather is not the only thing that has kept him from playing.

He has been battling a sore hamstring, which he said was a result of a previous injury.

He did not mention the injury.

The Packers played the Buffalo Bills last week at Lambeau Field, the first of three consecutive home games this season.

The teams met in a game that was originally scheduled for Saturday, but it was postponed due to the cold.