Which countries will host the 2016 G-7 summit?

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming summit in Sicily, Italy.1.

China is the biggest country in the G-8, but its top priority is the Paris climate agreement.

But some of the world’s biggest economies are pushing for it to be the centerpiece of the summit.2.

The U.S. and China will be the two largest trading partners in the world.

They have been partners since the 1970s.

They will hold a summit in late May.3.

China’s economy has grown faster than the U. S. economy in the past two decades, but U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said last week that China’s growth could slow down if it does not adhere to the Paris agreement.4.

France is a major market for Chinese goods and services, and a big supplier of raw materials for China’s steel plants.

The G-20 is aiming to make it a priority for 2020.5.

Germany, Britain, Canada and Japan are pushing to boost economic ties with China, and have promised to do more to boost bilateral trade.6.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will be hosting the summit and is expected to lead the way for other EU leaders in attending.7.

In the past few years, Chinese investments in Africa have doubled.8.

China has been increasing its involvement in the European Union, including with the bloc’s energy union, which could create headaches for countries that want to join it.9.

China wants to become a global leader in renewable energy, but it is not ready yet to launch a global carbon market.

It is also trying to diversify its economy, and has made progress in building a greenfield renewable power project in Africa.10.

India is not expected to attend the summit, although its Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for it in a speech.

He said India will not have to sign the Paris accord if it stays on the sidelines.11.

Britain and France have agreed to a plan to create a global reserve fund to help poorer countries pay for the cleanup of a global pandemic, and they will be meeting with China in May.12.

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres is also expected to hold talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is also a leading contender for the presidency.13.

The United States and Russia are pushing the G20 to strengthen its economic ties and open up to the world market.

U of S President-elect Donald Trump has said the G7 would be better off if the U,S., and Russia joined the world financial system.14.

Russia has become the world leader in solar energy, and its president, Vladimir Putin, has been an enthusiastic proponent of renewable energy.15.

In China, a new kind of power grid is starting to be built, with a system that will be able to provide power for 20 million homes.

This will require huge investment, and it will take many years to get it up and running.16.

China will hold its first major global meeting of the G2020 next year.