Lagos Economic Summit Denounces Illegal Immigration, Says It Is Not a Summit

The Lagos Summit in the southern Colombian province of Cuzco has called for a national discussion on illegal immigration and said it is not a summit.

The summit called for discussions on immigration to be held within three months, but the government is resisting.

It called for the government to “reconsider its plans” for the summit, and said the conference will focus on “security and law enforcement issues.”

“If we continue with this kind of action, we can’t afford to keep going forward,” said Jorge Arreola, president of the Lagos National Association of Municipalities.

“We can’t accept that illegal immigration is the new normal.

That’s why we’re not going to a conference in Cuzca,” he added.

The Lagos Conference of Governments is the largest meeting of Latin American governments in the Americas, and is the main forum for discussions between countries.