When will Trump take the podium?

The first business leader from the world of business to hold a major political forum is coming to the U.S. for a “global summit” on economic policy.

The first-ever summit of business leaders, called the PBN Economic Summit, will be held at Trump Tower in New York City from July 20 to 22.

The summit will be attended by a host of business luminaries, including CEOs of companies such as Exxon Mobil, Boeing, General Motors, Apple and McDonald’s, along with prominent labor leaders, academics, economists, journalists and activists, as well as a wide range of political leaders.

A number of other notable names, including former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will also be participating in the summit.

“It’s not a conference of CEOs and their allies, but a forum of global leaders who are taking action on the issue of inequality,” Trump said on Tuesday during a speech at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to be talking about how to make sure that our economy works for everybody, not just the very rich,” he said.

Trump has long been criticized for not taking a clear position on the issues of inequality and inequality in general, but his visit to the PBD will provide him with a chance to make his case to the world that the U of A and other colleges are on the right track to be a model for the world.

“When it comes to our students, our faculty, our students who are struggling with their own learning, I’m here today to tell you that our universities are on a path to greatness,” he told a crowd of about 100,000 people in Harrissburg.

“And they’re going places that no other school has gone before.”