When does the economic summit between the US and the Navajo Nation begin?

The US President Barack Obama will travel to Arizona on Monday to attend a meeting of the US-Navajo Economic Summit (NIE) that will begin with a public address by Navajo President Russell Begaye, with a focus on a trade deal.

The announcement of the start of the talks comes a day after the US Congress approved $5.5bn (£3.3bn) in aid to the Navajo nation to boost its economy, and after Begayc announced he would hold a press conference to announce a $2bn loan guarantee to help the economy recover.

The President is expected to use the summit to lay out a series of measures aimed at improving US-Nepal relations, including an agreement to relocate some of the 3.4m Navajo people in the US to reservations across the country.

But it will also likely focus on the fate of an economic deal struck by the Obama administration with the Navajo government in 2015, which has seen many US companies move production to Mexico and other US-owned Indian lands.

In a joint statement, Begayce and Obama pledged that the two sides would continue to work towards a “free, open, and reciprocal” trade agreement, which could help bring jobs and incomes back to the United States.