What are the big economic summits?

DETROIT —  There are several economic sumps this year in Detroit and across the nation.

As part of a joint effort to highlight Detroit’s economic opportunities, The Detroit News is highlighting the five economic sumpties that are taking place in the Detroit area this week.

The Detroit Economic Summit is taking place from Thursday, Aug. 21, to Sunday, Aug, 24.

It will include workshops, a dinner and a panel discussion with local business owners.

The other three economic summpies are taking places in Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The events are organized by the Detroit Economic Development Corp. and are held annually in the summertime.

Detroit is one of two cities in Michigan to host the economic summit each year.

This year’s economic summit will be the first in 2018.

For the next three years, the event will take place at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich., the home of the Detroit Lions.

As with previous summits, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with local businesses and politicians, including Gov.

Rick Snyder, Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit police Chief James Craig, city attorney Dave Ellis, the mayor’s chief of staff, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and more.

The three-day event will run from Sept. 14-21, 2019.

While there are no details on the economic summit participants’ compensation, the conference organizers say they expect some of the business owners participating in the event to be paid a combined $400,000.

“We believe in the power of these events to give our citizens a voice, a voice they may not have had in the past, a chance to connect with the people in their community and the opportunity for the public to engage in dialogue and engage with the government and the business community,” said Dan Schoenborn, chief marketing officer of The Detroit Economic Alliance.

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How to get an economic summit question answered: What to ask the leaders of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Business leaders gathered in Detroit on Thursday for the World Trade Organization’s annual conference to mark the end of its seven-day meetings in the U.S. will be asked about how to keep the world economy on track, and how the World Bank will help them do it.

Here’s what you need to know.

MORE Business leaders will be given a chance to raise their concerns with the president and vice president, a process they will be expected to follow, the WEF said in a release on Thursday.

“This is a global gathering, and the participants of the WEFs summits are expected to raise some of the most important issues facing the world today,” WEF CEO Klaus Schwab said in the release.

“The agenda of the conference will focus on trade, investment and employment, climate change, health, and education.”

In an email to The Globe and Mail, WEF chairwoman Carol Browner said she believes the leaders have a lot to learn.

“The participants of our summits have a long and varied history of working together to advance economic and environmental goals, and I am confident that they will have a great opportunity to continue to make the world a better place,” Browner wrote.

“We look forward to seeing the leaders address key issues that will shape the future of the world.”

The leaders are expected for an hour-long session on Thursday at the Detroit Marriott Marquis in Detroit.

The WEF’s first-ever global conference is being held in Detroit, but it is being called the World Business Summit.

The meeting will be a key forum for the leaders to hammer out their final agenda, which is expected to include a number of key initiatives.

The summit is being organized by the World Resources Institute, which aims to foster cooperation between the private sector and the global community.

The group’s agenda includes topics ranging from agriculture, climate and energy, to energy security, education, energy security in the Arctic, sustainable development and women’s issues.

“Our goal is to bring together global leaders to discuss how we can address the challenges facing the global economy,” said WEF president and CEO Maria van der Hoeven, in a statement.

The leaders will also be meeting with leaders from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the World Food Programme, which also is part of the event.

The event will also focus on “economic, social and political development issues,” the WEA said.

The WEFs annual meeting has been held in the city of Detroit since 2002.