How to prepare for the economic summit on June 7 in Shanghai

Shanghai — China’s biggest economic hub, home to more than 4 million people — is set to host a second G20 economic conference that’s expected to be dominated by climate change and the economy, a new study said.

The G20 is also expected to host an annual forum on the global economy, with China expected to make a high-profile appearance.

It is the second time in recent years that China has hosted the summit.

The previous time was in 2009, during the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia.

China’s economy shrank in 2009 because of the Great Recession, but rebounded to grow again by 2015.

The new study, titled “G20 Economic Summit 2020: What You Need to Know,” says that China will be “most active” in the economic meeting, with an emphasis on climate change, as well as economic issues like pollution, labor market fairness, health and education.

It says the summit is likely to be held in Shanghai, with a total of 12 sessions, including discussions on topics including energy and financial services, the global economic recovery, infrastructure and trade, digital currencies and online commerce.

The report also says that the G-20 economic meeting is likely a “high-stakes event” with a high degree of “public engagement.”

It said that this will likely mean that “most of the speakers will be selected to have high public profile and to speak in public.”

China has also hosted several other international economic conferences, including a summit in 2015.

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What’s happening with the economic summit?

Yalta Economic Summit 2019 is over, but the focus of the summit is still on the G20 economic conference in 2019.

Here’s what’s happening this year.

In September, a joint report on how to reform the G7 group of nations was released.

The report said the G5 would hold a special meeting in May 2019 to discuss how to tackle climate change.

In the meantime, the G8 countries have started to focus on climate and economic issues.