How India, China, and the US can help boost growth in Asia

The U.S. and China are likely to sign an agreement at the annual Asian Economic Summit in Indonesia this weekend that aims to bring about a global economic recovery that would help lift millions of people out of poverty.

The pact, which could be unveiled as early as Sunday, will be hailed by many Asian nations as a significant boost to growth and boost global prosperity, but it could also hurt the United States.

In particular, it could be seen as an effort to undermine China’s efforts to strengthen its influence and influence the region.

It is widely believed that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and her U.N. counterparts have been trying to persuade President Xi Jinping and other top Chinese leaders to sign a deal to improve ties.

The United States is not alone in trying to stop the deal.

The U.NAIDS said it had been meeting with the Indonesian government to “push for the implementation of the agreement and for a smooth transition.”

But the White House said Friday that the White the U.SN has been in talks with the Chinese government to try to find a compromise.

U.S., Chinese, and European officials are meeting in Singapore to discuss the agreement, which was approved by the U!


Security Council in April and is the result of a three-month debate and deliberation process.

The two sides have until Sunday to reach an agreement.

The U!SN has also been seeking to reach a deal with Russia, which has long opposed any agreement that might undermine China and its global economic agenda.

The Indonesian government said Friday it has reached a deal on the economic agenda, the Associated Press reported.