TechRadars scag economic Summit proposal: Businesses, consumers and startups face tough choices

Businesses that rely on the internet are facing new pressure from an ambitious proposal to expand the internet’s role in economic growth.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is holding an economic summit on November 15 to decide on a roadmap for global internet growth.

The WEF aims to develop an economic model for the internet that can spur growth and create new jobs for millions.

The WEF will also explore how to improve internet access and use, according to the World Economic Forums website.

The forum’s first meeting will be held in Davos in Switzerland on November 20-21.

“It’s going to be a tough challenge for businesses and governments to meet the requirements of the World Trade Organisation,” said Peter van der Heijden, chief executive of the Dutch consultancy firm ICTD.

“There will be a lot of new entrants to the sector.

It will be important for governments to look at what they need to do.”

The WEI is a global forum of governments and companies that sets global economic policy.

It is not known when the summit will take place.

In its report, the WEF said the conference will focus on ways to strengthen internet connectivity in developing countries.

The summit will focus particularly on the role of technology in economic development.

It will also focus on the need to make sure internet access is accessible and affordable for all, as well as the need for companies to take responsibility for the impact of their innovations on their customers and customers’ economies, the report said.

The report is one of a series of initiatives by the WEI and the World Bank that seek to develop global policies to boost internet access, including a proposal to establish a World Economic Fund for internet development, and the development of a World Broadband Network.

The World Bank’s Global Internet Governance Forum is holding a summit on December 11-12 in New York.

The conference is aimed at helping governments develop new strategies to boost the digital economy.

The global fund will have a role in supporting internet projects that have a global impact.

The United Nations has set up the World Broadbridge Fund to invest in internet infrastructure in developing nations.

The International Monetary Fund’s Sustainable Development Goals programme is also working on a set of global economic policies aimed at making internet access more affordable and accessible.