Yalta: The first-ever summit between Vladimir Putin and President Obama is a “good start”

Yaltas economic summit is a first-time opportunity for both leaders, and it is a chance to put the spotlight on the world economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday, calling it “a good start.”

The two leaders met on the sidelines of the annual Group of Seven (G7) meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.

It was Putin who proposed a $100 billion bailout package to help Ukraine during the crisis.

On Monday, he said he was ready to offer more assistance to Ukraine, but that he was prepared to accept sanctions on the West and the US for not being more transparent with Russia.

Putin said he wants to work with the Ukrainian government on the implementation of the plan, which includes sanctions and economic aid.

“The goal of this meeting is to bring this to a successful conclusion,” Putin said.

Putin also said the summit was not about trade.

“We have no interest in the export of goods,” he said.

“It is a topic of discussion and negotiation between the two leaders.”

Putin also made no mention of the United States, saying the two sides would discuss “political, security, and other issues.”

“We are all friends,” he added.

The two sides have discussed Ukraine and the crisis in Syria.

Putin met with Obama on Monday, and the two discussed the crisis on the agenda.

Putin has said Ukraine’s economic problems are due to a lack of investment.

He has said the country has to reform its economy to attract foreign investment.

But critics in Ukraine have said Putin is trying to keep Ukraine’s economy in a state of economic crisis.

The crisis has also damaged Ukraine’s relations with the United Nations, which has expressed concern over the situation.

The United States has warned that it will take any measure it deems necessary to protect its members and interests, including sanctions.

What’s happening with the economic summit?

Yalta Economic Summit 2019 is over, but the focus of the summit is still on the G20 economic conference in 2019.

Here’s what’s happening this year.

In September, a joint report on how to reform the G7 group of nations was released.

The report said the G5 would hold a special meeting in May 2019 to discuss how to tackle climate change.

In the meantime, the G8 countries have started to focus on climate and economic issues.